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स्वस्थ सेवनम्

Serving Wellness

The Arogya Center exists to Serve Wellness- macro and micro, within and without; the wellness of mind, body and spirit, of individual and society, humanity and nature, posterity and ancestry- all of which are interdependent and inextricable one from the next- facets and expressions of the same inherency. We experience this Service to Wellness as the inherent pulse within all beings, the fundamental expression of life, the realization that the breath which animates us is not our own, the understanding that this day does not belong to us, but to tomorrow.

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Core Principles

360* Sustainability

Are only by virtue of what came before; what is to come will reveal the value of what we do now. By this principle we honor what has enabled and empowered us, realize that everything affects everything and there is no insignificant action and strive to make our actions prayers for the future and for one another. 

Good Will and Cooperation

Everything feeds Everything. Life and every endeavor is a symphony- there are no solos. Thus we make a commitment to harmony, honoring the unique story and individuality of all, choosing to see the potential for good and growth in every person and situation; to integrate each note, however seemingly disparate, into a collective symphony. 


Sincerity is Truth and Truth is Sincerity- and both are ever unique, ever themselves. By conforming to extrinsic processes, by numbing ourselves to the inherent pulse of our being, our true nature is sacrificed giving rise to all violence and discord; reality and the clear facts are sacrificed, giving birth to illusion, to suffering. Sincerity is agreeing to disagree, persevering through discomfort for the sake of authenticity- the conviction that there is nothing more beautiful or sacred than what is real and true

Balanced Integrity

With each breath and action we write the stories of our lives, and by this principle we consciously accept the responsibility for our lives and their contents. We embrace self-control and strive to rise beyond yearning and aversion to abide in true discrimination, in equipoise and stability- come what may.

Aspiring Attention

Attention radiates from intention- and no one can be without either. And so, we make out attention conscious, and realize every action and perception as a testament of our own character and aspiration. Being established in aspiration and awareness, confidence arises. And so with aspiring, confident attention we dress ourselves, breath, work and act all as a prayer to our deepest intention and aspiration.

Compassionate Action

We are all interconnected, different streams carrying the same waters to the same end. What affects one affects the other. Thus we resolve to abstain from degrading or abusing any and all,  to nourish one another and grow together towards our collective goals. 

Empowering Generosity

Everything in Nature is constantly giving- for there is nothing which is truly one’s own. We all benefit from every one and every thing else’s benefit. We are stronger and better together and we should strive to nourish and uplift one another.


Obstacles beset us all. Many an experience lays us low to generate new growth and insights. The only choice is to  resist and crumble or to bow down and thereby to transform.


All power and potential wells forth from within us. There is nothing to be had or gained outside of ourselves, for the world is nothing but the emanation of the inner cosmos. The journey of life is not to acquire or possess or to seek out unreachable horizons; it is the unfolding of our gifts, the discovery of the heart’s song

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Our Core


Kashyapa began his study of Yoga, Ayurveda and Vedic Culture in 2008 while living in India for four years in a monastic setting. He began formal training in Ayurveda in 2012, completing the US-based Ayurvedic Studies Program with Dr Lad at the Ayurvedic Institute. Kashyapa thereafter returned to India for an intensive and classical education in the clinical application of Ayurveda with his primary mentors, Vaidyas Shreerang and Varsha Galgali (MD) of Arogyasarathi Cikitsalaya in Pune, India who continue to guide him in the practice of authentic Ayurveda to this day.

Additionally, Kashyapa studied Sanskrit in Deccan College, Pune and has been trained and certified in Massage Therapy, Naturopathy, Emergency Medicine, Functional Allopathy and Keraliya techniques of Pancha Karma.

Kashyapa served on the teaching faculty for The Ayurvedic Institute’s ASP1 & 2 Programs in Albuquerque, New Mexico from 2015-2017, where he also served as a Professional Clinician and Clinic Supervisor. He is a co-founder and director of The Arogya Center in New Mexico, where he offers Ayurvedic Clinical Consulting and traditional Pancha Karma as well as advanced training in Classical Ayurveda.


Nomi Gallo has been studying and practicing Ayurvedic healing since 2003. She studied with Dr. Vasant Lad at the Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque and completed Dr. Lad’s Gurukula Program in Pune, India. In working with Dr. Lad, she has attended well over 5000 hours of Dr. Lad’s lectures. She is also an experienced Kerala style panchakarma* therapist, receiving her training through a small PK facility in St. Louis, Missouri.

Nomi was on staff at the Ayurvedic Institute from 2008 to 2017 as an Instructor and as Student and Client Services Manager/Clinic Manager. She has also spent time with renowned healers Ysha Oaks and Dr. Sarita Shrestha, receiving specialty training in women’s and perinatal health.

Nomi’s professional focus is on life’s transitions. She specializes in children’s health, fertility, pregnancy, postpartum as well as menopause and the transitions out of this body. She is devoted to seeing the tenants of health and wellness in all life inside the body and inside our communities.

Nomi offers educational classes & workshops, private consultations and Ayurvedic healing treatments in Albuquerque, Santa Fe and travels for seminars.

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Our Core

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Vladimir Yatsenko PhD


Vladimir Yatsenko, graduated from St. Petersburg University and the University of Pune in 1992 with a dual MA degree in Sanskrit and General Linguistics, holds a PhD in Philosophy from M.S. University of Baroda and has been teaching Sanskrit Grammar and Literature ever since. 

Based on a personal quest for growth and change of consciousness through the Vedic philosophies and linguistics he developed a unique methodology for teaching Sanskrit language and literature based on Sri Aurobindo’s interpretation of the major Vedic texts and methods of Integral Yoga, thereby encouraging a change in consciousness and increased sense of unity with his students.

Vaidya Varsha Galgali

MD Ayu

In lieu of completing her MD from the prestigious Gujarat Ayurved University in Jamnagar, where she graduated first in her class, Vaidya Varsha Galgali has maintained a busy clinical practice serving thousands of patients for the last 19 years. Her practice specializes in the procedures of Pancha Karma.

Vaidya Varsha began her study of Ayurveda at Tilak Vidyapeeth, after which she completed her BAMS through Babsahed Abedkar Marathwada University where she was a Gold Medal winner. Ever beholdent of a strong academic capacity, in the space beyond her clinical practice Vaidya Varsha maintains an academic presence as well. She was a lecturer at Wagholi college from 2000-2003 and is currently on the teaching faculty of Ayuveda College Akurdi and has been an instructor for the MUHS Post Graduate Diploma Course in Pancha Karma operated by Punarvasu Ayurveda Prabodhini for more than 10 years.

Beyond instruction, Vaidya Varsha is also an established researcher. She worked for 3 ½ years as a researcher in the Cancer Research Project at Wagholi, spent 2 years pursuing post graduate research at GUA in Jamnagar and currently works as a research guide for post graduate students.

Vaidya Shreerang Galgali

MD Ayu

Based in Pune, Maharashtra, India, Vd. Shreerang Galgali MD Ayu, PhD has served over 10,000 patients in the last 18 years of his clinical practice in Ayurveda and Pancha Karma. He is a Founder of the renowned Ayurvedic Hospital Punarvasu Cikitsalaya in Pune, India where he is also the Board Director and Director of the Punarvasu Academic Wing which runs a highly reputable Post-Graduate Program for Ayurvedic Physicians.
Vaidya Shreerang completed his BAMS through the University of Pune before graduating First Class from GAU Jamnagar where he received his MD. Additionally, Vaidya Shreerang has completed an MA in Sanskrit and a PhD in Ayurveda.
Apart from clinical practice, he has served in a number of Research and Educational positions, including Cancer Research, and has delivered presentations at both National Ayurvedic and Medical Conferences within India as well as International Conferences. Shreerang also has experience as a Guest Lecturer and Examiner at GAU and Maharashtra University of Health Sciences.